Exterior Repairs

At Damage Solutions, we are excellent at locating the entirety of damages to the exterior of your home. The damage a home endures can come from a multitude of situations, whether it’s from hail, high winds, tornado, hurricane/tropical cyclone, or falling trees/limbs.

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Exterior Painting

Unlike some of our competitors, when we repair your home, we only use the best products available to our team. Our customers can easily see and feel the difference of products from those of our competitors. Just because a contractor says they’re using a “top notch synthetic felt” under your shingles, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best product for your home and your wallet. We provide you with samples of the materials we use so that our customers know exactly what they are getting. We never take shortcuts and don’t just sweep mistakes or issues under the rug. Our repairs are done efficiently and done correctly the first time. Our attention to detail and dedication to our customers is what makes Damage Solutions truly superior.

What makes us unique is that our thoroughness, attention to detail, and customer service doesn’t cost you any extra! You get the best services available without having to pay any extra money. That’s because we use the exact same pricing and estimating system that most insurance companies use. We use this method because we know insurance companies will pay a fair wage/amount and we know exactly how to maximize this to your benefit. Most of our customers find that our estimates are frequently higher than our competitor. This isn’t because we charge a higher rate, it’s because we find MORE DAMAGE to your home or business than our competitors.

Our process and ability to present the insurance carrier with the proof of your damage for all the items in our estimate is exactly what the insurance companies are looking for. This means they are more willing to pay for everything that needs to be covered. We are your advocate with your insurance company. Damage Solutions understands the effect that severe damages can have on the lives of our valued clients. This is why we work WITH the insurance companies and NOT against them. By working alongside of the insurance companies as your advocate, we are able to use their pricing, as well as, get your damages taken care of quickly and make sure they are fixed properly.

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