Is it too late to file a claim?

Generally speaking it is never too late to file a claim for damages as long as you are able to identify the following:

A) The exact date or close to date that the damages began
B) Ensure that your insurance policy was in effect when the damage occurred
C) The damages sustained are from a “peril” you are insured against.

Will my insurance go up after filing a claim?

This is an answer that only your should have made by your insurance agent as there are many factors involved. Homes are not insured in the same way that automobiles are. So for the fact that you have to file an insurance claim, your insurance may still not go up. This is because homes have rates generally created by the “risk” of a claim being filed due to legitimate damages. You cannot be a bad homeowner and cause more natural disasters or storms to cause damage to your home or business like you can if you choose to be a bad driver. This is why insurance property rates are calculated based on a number of claims being filed in a certain distance over a certain period of time. Although your 1 insurance claim does add to that total, it may not be enough to raise the entire average of your area of claims filed

I don’t think I have any damage. How do I know if I do?
You won’t know if you have any damage without having a professional inspection. It’s easy to spot the large obvious damage such as holes in your vinyl siding etc. Storms can cause damage at night when you are a sleep or maybe when you are away on vacation.
Do I have to put the same material back on my house as before?
Your insurance policy does not require you to put back the same material you currently have on your home. Your insurance company owes to indemnify or financially restore your to a “pre-loss” condition. If you wish to have more work performed or to change the quality of materials used, we are happy to accommodate that for you, however the difference in cost would be your responsibility.
My adjuster told me I didn’t have any damage. Is that final?
No. Your insurance policy requires that you file your claim within a certain time period of learning that you have sustained a loss and they require you to recover your recoverable depreciation within a certain time period. Most insurance policies do not state a specified timeframe that the loss must be settled by. Especially in the event that they themselves have missed damages that should have been paid for.
What if my insurance company doesn’t agree that there is damage?
All situations are different, however in this scenario it is generally best to have your claim reassigned to a new adjuster and request that your damages be reinspected. Ensure that if your contractor was not present during the first inspection, that he or she is present the next time.
Will my roof get repaired or replaced?
Whether your roof is repair or replaced is a decision that is made by your insurance company. Damage Solutions only performs the work allowed by your insurance carrier. We do however, only recommend for a customer to file an insurance claim when a full roof replacement is necessary. This will generally be discussed with you however when your estimate review takes place.
Who does the work on my home?
Damage Solutions performs a large portion of the work completed on your home or business. However at certain times of the year when workload is at its highest, Damage Solutions will subcontract work out to our regular list of local contractors that we work with. In this event, Damage Solutions staff checks your materials, job progress, and final completed work product to ensure that our standards have been met in repairing your home or business.
How much will I have to pay?
Unless you specifically request upgrades or additional work AND the work is outlined in an additional contract, you will only ever pay your deductible and not a penny more.
How do I file a claim?
Filing a claim is a simple process generally speaking, however you want to be sure you have all of the details and information at hand before doing so. You will need have your insurance policy number on hand, what specifically was damaged, how those items/components came about being damaged, and the exact date the damage occurred if possible. Damage Solutions can provide you with your insurance company’s phone number for their insurance claims line, however it generally is listed on your insurance policy or statement documents.
What do I do if I have water coming in my home or water damage from a burst pipe?
In the event you have water coming in your home from missing shingles, from a pipe burst, or even from ice dams, it is your requirement to protect your property and prevent damages from worsening. If you have sustained a loss that is covered by your insurance policy, the cost of mitigating your damages is paid by your insurance carrier. This IS a requirement by all insurance carriers and failure to do so, could result in denial of payment or partial payment. In this event, contact us immediately so that damages can be limited and prevented from getting worse.
How does Damage Solutions document damages for my claim/home?
When Damage Solutions performs an inspection of your property, we take an extensive amount of detailed photos and we take them in a process that is helpful to the insurance carrier or proving your loss. In a scenario where Damage Solutions has been hired to mitigate your loss, we retain damaged products for your insurance carrier as they have a right to inspect these items to determine if a covered loss has been sustained.
Why do we require a sit down/review after our inspection process?
Our inspection process is typically performed when no one is home unless you have suffered a loss to the interior of your home. In either case, we must take time to create a detailed estimate for your loss and organize your photographs to present to you as evidence of why certain items have been included into your estimate. Review of damages and an estimate should always be completed in person as the details of the loss, estimate, and photos can easily be confused or not understood fully.
What are the steps of the claim process?
The insurance process has many, many steps, however they can generally be broken down into a few processes. Firstly an inspection must be performed on your property to identify damages and acquire adequate information to create a detailed estimate of your loss. This must be followed by a review of photos and estimates with the customer. Once a signed contract is in place, an insurance claim must be filed. An adjuster is assigned to your claim and an inspection date is set. Damage Solutions will meet with your adjuster to review our estimate and all photos of damages. Your adjuster will typically create his own independent estimate to validate the pricing of ours and will submit a partial payment to the customer. Once repairs have been completed, the insurance carrier releases the remaining funds available on your claim to complete the process. In the event of any discrepancies, an appraisal process is available in all policies to settle any differences that have not been agreed upon.
Can we be present when your insurance adjuster arrives for his/her inspection?
Absolutely. Here at Damage Solutions, we have a policy to be present for your inspection by your insurance adjuster. In too many cases, damages go unseen or the inspection process is not given enough time and items are not included in your loss that should be. For this reason, we are present at all inspections possible and point out every damaged item indicated in our estimate of repairs.
I had a claim last year and was told I didn’t have any damage. Can I still get compensated for that claim if I have damages that weren’t paid for?
Yes. Whether you were told you didn’t have any damage, was told it would be below your deductible, or was paid yet other items were missed, you can have your same claim reopened to address items missed or repairs not paid for initially. Even if you have changed contractors.
What is my deductible?
Unfortunately Damage Solutions is unable to determine your insurance deductible without reviewing your insurance policy. Insurance deductibles are typically flat fee deductibles but can also be percentages of the value of your home. The most common deductible amounts however are $500 and $1,000.
What if I see mold?
In the event you or someone in your home identifies mold, contact an expert immediately to asses your damages, the situation, and the potential health hazards. Mold growth is an airborne pathogen that can be fatal to individuals with weakened immune systems such as the elderly and infants. It is best to leave the area undisturbed and sealed off until a specialist can identify the hazards and begin clean up/remediation of the mold spores.
Are there any discounts or incentives?
Many contractors offer customers not having to pay their deductible. This is a form of insurance fraud and is a Class D felony in the state of Indiana. Damage Solutions does not offer customers not having to pay their deductible. We do however, offer payment plans for your deductible and we offer a $200 gift card for every customer that is referred to Damage Solutions and signs a contract.
Do we offer any financing options?
Damage Solutions does offer 12 month and 24 month deductible financing based on your deductible amount with an applied interest rate. If you have questions regarding this, please contact one of our staff members for additional details and information.
How do I know if I need a new roof?
Knowing if you need a new roof is not as simple as the question is. If you have sustained a recent hail storm, a thorough inspection by a trained professional should provide you with the information necessary. A professional contractor that notifies you that you need a roof, should hover provide you with a detailed explanation of why accompanied with photographs of your home to support his expert recommendation. If you notice shingles missing on your home as well, a professional inspection should take place to determine the condition of your roof. A roof begins to see significant deterioration usually between years 10-15 years of age depending on the roof type. It is good practice to have your roof inspected once prior to it’s 10 year age mark and then every 2-3 years following.
How long does an estimate take?
Receiving an estimate is a 2 step process. The first half of the process is receiving a detailed inspection that can take anywhere between 1-3 hours based on the size of your home, extent of damages, and how many buildings need to be inspected. Once the inspection is complete, an estimate is usually complete and ready for review within 48-72 hours.
How long is the entire process?
The entire claim process can take as little as 1-2 weeks on the short end and can take several months on the long end, not including performing repairs. This length of the process can be affected by the availability of your insurance adjuster, the weather, and how accurate your adjusters first inspection/estimate is. The more work needed in the process to ensure all your damages are included in your estimate, the more time that will take.
How long will my new roof last or be under warranty for?
Depending on the roof type chosen or installed, your roof warranty may be 25 years, 30 years, or a lifetime warranty. Ask our staff specifically about your roof/shingle type and warranty. You can also access this information under the “documents & warranty” tab.
What other services does Damage Solutions offer?
Damage Solutions offers all restoration, repair, and construction services to homes and businesses. We also offer appraisal and umpire services to competitive contractors and insurance carriers.

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