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Damage Solutions is a general contracting company that specializes in the handling of significant losses to homes and businesses.

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Our Company

Our company was founded on principles that a contracting company should not only focus on the repairs that need to be completed, but also to provide excellent customer service and assist in the entire process from start to finish. We believe that every detail involving our customers’ lives and the damages they have sustained are just as important as the basic restoration process that every company offers.

We hold our daily standards to a level unrivaled in today’s market. We strive to create positive relationships with customers, vendors, insurance companies, and even our competition whenever possible. Damage Solutions is a general contracting company built on a foundation of INTEGRITY that our daily actions display.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to become a consumer’s first thought when considering restoration due to structural loss or damage. It is our belief that anything is possible by hard work, determination, and a positive attitude. We conduct our daily business in a professional, responsible, and ethical manner that allows our core values to guide and determine our actions. Our team continuously works to provide exceptional customer service in a manner that makes each person’s day better than the last.

How It Works

Damage Solutions will come to your home and perform a detailed inspection of any damage it has suffered. Whether you’re roof has survived a hail storm, or you are dealing with a burst pipe, our carefully selected expert inspectors will make sure every bit of damage is applied to your claim.
We will also act as your representative and advocate with the insurance companies providing them with the solid proof they need for your claim. Due to our employees’ extensive background in working in insurance we know exactly they are looking for. This means that your claim gets correctly submitted and approved. We utilize the same pricing and estimating program as insurance companies therefore saving you from any price gouging. The insurance companies are trying to put you back to your pre-loss condition.
However, their compensation is only as good as the inspection. So, put your inspection into capable hands that will make sure you have comprehensive repair. And remember – there’s no additional cost to you. We are here to make your life easier and help you to achieve your home’s best value.
Our retention rate of over 90 percent tells you that once people use our services, they call us again and again when they need our help. This is because, unlike our competitors, we provide customer service that is unrivaled in our industry and a start to finish process that is revolutionary.
Damage Solutions is a company that is built on the relationships that we form, and maintain, with all of our clients. Our relationships don’t just stop with our valued clients, we partner with top quality national suppliers, respected local contractors, and our valued employees. We do this so clients can rest easy and feel confident in the work we do. We know that words mean nothing and like owner Blake Copeland says, “Quality is doing it right when no one else is looking”. We don’t need to tell you what Damage Solutions can do for you, let us show you what makes us unique. Let us show you what makes Damage Solutions uniquely brilliant.

Meet The Team

Damage Solutions employs a staff with an immense amount of experience not only in the construction industry, but also with many years of experience working for multiple insurance carriers. Each of our inspectors have previously worked as insurance adjusters and are required by Damage Solutions to hold active insurance adjuster’s licenses.

Due to this process, we are able to offer not only the best construction and restoration process, but also an in depth knowledge of how insurance claims work and what your insurance policy will or won’t pay for. Meet each of our qualified staff and learn about what makes each employee special to our company!

Blake Copeland

Blake Copeland


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Blake Copeland, Owner of Damage Solutions, has an incredibly unique background that perfectly positions him as the expert in his field. Mr. Copeland’s journey began when he was young. Growing up he worked for his father’s tree service where he was taught the dynamics of business and grew his meticulous attention to detail.

After school, he went on to pursue a career serving as an aircraft electrician in the United States military. From the military, he decided to delve into the world of construction. While working construction in New Orleans, after the devastating Hurricane Katrina, Mr. Copeland was hired on as a catastrophe insurance adjuster. In his down time from his new career in insurance, he continued to work construction. As he began working in both insurance adjusting and construction simultaneously, he quickly learned the value of an insurance adjuster that also understood dynamics of construction and the skills that were needed.

After many years of experience in both industries, he was able to apply his meticulous attention to detail, his skills as an insurance adjuster, and knowledge of construction to build an all-in-one company, Damage Solutions. Quickly cornering the market, the need for a construction company with a background and expertise in insurance adjustments became incredibly apparent.

When asked, Mr. Copeland said “I saw a need for a company like Damage Solutions that not only performed repairs, but also assisted immensely in the process from start to finish. The reactions from the clients and the praise of our methods, made it clear that the potential for this company was limitless.”

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