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Who We Are

Damage Solutions was founded by our owner after spending 9 years in the catastrophe insurance adjusting industry. After noticing an obvious void, an idea began to form a company not only specializing in the repair of your home, but more specifically specializing in the customer service, identification of damages, and insurance aspect. Our company was created with the vision that we would operate on positively helping customers after major events and run a business with morals placed over production.

Customer Service

Here at Damage Solutions, we excell at many things but customer service would be our most prideful. Too often, a contracting company is too focused on the task at hand that they forget about the customer service aspect of the business. We are enthusiastic about leaving each and every one of our customers with the frame of mind that we went above and beyond in every single category. 

We Want Your Business

Damage Solutions stands out among all other companies in our industry. In an industry dominated by uneducated competition, we take pride in that we attempt to have the most knowledgeable and meticulous employees. Most of our staff have previously been employed by different insurance carriers therefore we have the ability to know what to expect and to know what your insurance carrier can and cannot do.

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Here at Damage Solutions, we specialize in the complete restoration of your residential or commercial property after a significant loss. 


Testimonials and reviews are the best way to judge how a certain company is gonig to treat you. We encourage reviewing our company listings on YELP and GOOGLE to determine if we are the right company for you!!!

Discounts & Incentives

All military & senor citizens receive a 5% discount. Church and Non-profit organizations receive a 10% donation after completion of all work.

Commonly Asked Questions

"We don't think we received hail at our property" or "We didn't sustain any damage"

In most cases, homewners not only do not realize that a hail storm occured at their residence, but also most are unaware that any damage was sustained. Due to most hail storms occurring during warmer seasonal months, hail storms often times occur when individuals are asleep or not at home. Since temperatures are typically warm when this occurs, hail stones melt within an hour, leaving no trace of any hail storm being present. 

Hail damage can present difficult challenges even for the most seasoned contractors and insurance adjusters. If damage is not large and obvious, most often times the individual has no idea that any damage was sustained. Items most easily damaged include soft metal items such as metal roofing, flashing components, window wraps, window screens, metal exterior lights, eyebrows, weather vanes, etc. In most instances, hail damages are not visible to the naked eyes. Tools such as flashligths and chalk, highlight these areas of damage, presenting an easier view for damage to be identified.

Having a trained professional, often times can be the resut of literally thousands of dallars paid to restore and replace items on your home. Many times contractors may be excellent at repairing or replacing damaged items, however identifying the damage is all together entirely different. If your contractor specializes in the replacement of an item, he/she may not be educated in the identifiction & mechanical aspects of sustained hail damages.

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